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My son and his wife found out they were pregnant. Three months ago they purchased a new vehicle and are making payments, but now they want to get rid of the car. They are looking towards the future. Does anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone been in this situation? What options do they have? They don’t want to quit paying and abandon the car because that would hurt their credit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And, no, grandma doesn’t need a new car.

They might try looking up it’s value and sell it themselves.
http://www.kbb.com/ <--- That website can help you find out the value of your car. Then they can go to a place called carsoup.com. I saw it on t.v. I also know that my brother recommended that site to my dad. I don't know if he's actually listed a car on there or not. From my understanding you pay just $25 for the listing until it's sold. I listed my car on www.cars.com three years ago. I did not pay for the listing. I just took a picture of it, posted it on the site and waited for responses. I first went to to the kbb site to find out the value, then used that value as the listing price. You could also list the car in www.craigslist.com for free.

They could list it for sale for what they owe on it. Or at least its value after depreciation. A brand spanking new car drops like a rock in value the second you leave the lot. Which is why many people forgo a brand new car. I doubt the dealership would buy it back for a decent price, but they could ask.

Top 10 Credit Myths & The Real Answers

truthAfter 30 years in the finance & mortgage industry, I’m still sometimes surprised at what some people believe about credit. For instance, even though there is a heightened awareness of credit and credit scores these days, due to all the TV ads from companies selling credit reports & scores, many are still unaware that a credit report is really only a series of “allegations” that are unproven and undocumented. Just because a creditor says something negative about you and the credit bureau puts on your report, doesn’t mean that it’s “gospel truth” and many federal laws give you the right to challenge the “accusation.” Many believe that if an item on their credit report is true, it can’t be removed, but that’s NOT true! There are many ways to legally delete an item even when it’s “factually true.”

I’m really interested in this! How do you go about getting things off legally? Do you need to spend the money on a lawyer?

So how does one go about having the items removed? Can it be done on your own or does it require some repair service?

Never pay a service! Do not change SSN to avoid bad credit, that is fraud and is frowned on by the courts. Most, if not all, of these service are doing or advising you to do things which are illegal or can get you in deep trouble with the courts.

The processes for removing information depends on whether it is Erroneous information or accurate.

Accurate negative data can only legally be removed under 2 conditions, 1 is if it exceeds statutory rules, generally 7 years from the last status update. Therefore, some credit agencies will keep sending updates and you can challenge this.

However, any information you challenge, the reporting agency has 30 days to respond. If they fail to, then you can demand the credit agency remove it.

If the information is erroneous and the challenge with the credit bureau returns the same results, then you have to deal with the reporting agency and threaten them with a lawsuit. Here is where paying a lawyer may be advisable.

Can anyone answer some questions?

It is 3 years or more after bankruptcy and my credit report needs cleaned up. Can anyone help me?

To begin with, www.annualcreditreport.com has an experian report and I don’t know how to look at my date of birth, addresses, and employers to see if they are right. How do I see them?

First of all, when you go to www.annualcreditreport.com you should definitely request PRINTED copies instead of online copies. That gives you a clearer copy and you can look at them it at your leisure. Then, go line by line and make sure EVERYTHING is true and correct. Once you have that, post here and we can help you draft letters to the CRA’s.

I printed the credit reports. But you don’t seem to understand. I printed from www.annualcreditreport and from www.creditexpert.com and they both have different information even though they are the same reports.

Matter of fact, I printed both site’s credit reports on myself before you answered my e-mail. Why doesn’t a credit report list how long I have lived at my current address? Should it? If so, there is no date at all for my current address, just my prior addresses. Also, don’t worry too much about having less than poor credit. If you need cash to cover some bills there are some companies like www.wegot1000.com providing almost guaranteed loan approval even for people with bad credit.

Is it the same companies? I have all three and they all 3, Transunion, Experion, and Equifax have different stuff on them.

Account sold?

Good morning eveyone,

I have a cc debt of 4900.00 that I have been dragging my feet paying on. We are contemplating filing bankruptcy, but we have only 15,000.00 debt. So we have been trying to pay, and make arrangements to avoid it, but… now Im not sure if we can.

Have you all ever heard of a cc company selling your account to private investors? Apparently this is what happened to me. They want their money by Friday the 30th….lol…. I only work seasonally, Jan thru June we have a home and that is it. It is not worth the mortgage in the market today. We owe more than it is worth. My hubby is not on the cc account. I wanted to work with a debt elimination prgram but now I don’t know if they will work with us on this since its sold. do any of you have experience here???

Here is my experience:

I couldn’t pay the balance, so I made arrangements with the debt buyer to make monthly payments. I regret I didn’t get anything in writing. I was scared and they knew it and took advantage of me.

They kept me in the dark about interest they were charging. The whole amount they bought the account for was interest and fees but this co added more. I foolishly sent them $1700.00 over a period of months. When I started asking questions they were reluctant to answer. After I filed BK, I found out the $1700.00 I had sent them did not reduce the balance at all… they were increasing it. Some people have lost even more. Beware of these debt buyers!

They can “want” all they want, but they can’t force you. Call them, tell them what you can pay, and go from there

As has been written many times here, make not payments to a company like this without written proof of what is owed, what interest they are charging and how, any penalties etc. If you read back over several entries you will see people who were charged ungodly interest and never did any of the money go towards the principle.

Joint accounts question

A while back I put my husband on my Target account. I requested him put on there as an authorized user, and they put him on as a joint account instead. Now they said there is no way to get him off the account, that we are both responsible for the bill. I was going to write the account off when I filed bankruptcy but I don’t want it affecting his credit. The lady said that it is not their responsibilty to tell customers that the person was put on as a joint holder instead of an authorized user. I closed the account, but how do I get him off it so it doesn’t hurt his credit? He never agreed to be a joint account holder. Thanks

If he did not agree and did not sign, they cannot legally hold him accountable. It could, depending on state laws, put you in a bad legal bind because it could be construed as fraud on your part. I am not a lawyer, but I do know that they have no legal grounds in court against your husband.

Prisoners of debt article in Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s front cover article is on companies that don’t write off debt once courts have cancelled debts in bankrupcy judgements, but sell the debt to other companies, who renew going after former debtors, using the technique of assigning a new number to the debt so that debts appear to be current.


Thank you for that article and link . It was very interesting along with the comments. I have only delt with one collection agency in my life. I was scared and agreed to monthly payments on debt they had purchased that was all interest and fees. I had plodded along for many years paying, but had set backs and could not pay off the balance.

The collection agency kept me in the dark about interest they had piled on and for many months led me to beleive that the money I was sending them was reducing what they said I owed. They had told me they were going to send me an invoice once a month but when they failed to do that I got suspicious and started asking questions. They didn’t like that.
For months they had me exactly where they wanted me. When I asked them to tell me how much interest they were charging me they hemed and hawed and even said, I don’t think I can tell you that. That really set up a red flag. They wanted me to continue to send them monthly payments with no questions asked. After losing $1700.00 to these crooks I found out the truth and they were not reducing my balance at all, but were in fact increasing it.

If I am ever contacted by these low life scum again, I will not be the scared timid person I was 2 years ago. I will fight them tooth and nail.

Does anyone know how you can tell if a company has not reported the discharge to Equifax/TRW type agencies? How can I get a free copy (Maryland law says I can get one each year) from each of the agencies? Any help is greatly appreciated!

You are able to get a free credit report every year from https://www.annualcreditreport.com/

Just print up a copy of your discharge in bankruptcy, and mail it to the three credit bureaus along with the debts which were included in the bankruptcy.

Credit Report

credit report

Does anyone know how long items stay on the credit report? As an example, I have an account that is closed from a few years ago – just curious when I can expect it to drop off. Thanks for the help!

I think it is seven years from the last activity on the account.

Items usually stays on your credit report up to seven years from the date it was reported but that is for bad debt.

I have had good standing debt remain on report for more than seven years. Also, and bankrupies can continue on your report for ten years.

Tax liens stay on the credit report for 10 years, other late payments and collection actions for 8 years.

Judgments remain until they are paid off or expire. With the exception of tax liens and judgments, most other derogatory information only affects the score for approximately 2 years.

Re: Judgement

judgmentThis happenend to us a few years ago. We ended up getting an attorney, and she lowered it down from over $6,000, to the a little over $2,000 that we owed. They try to say that they didn’t get what you owe on the car from the auction, which is totally wrong. Now whenever we buy a car we get GAP insurance so that if we do have to give a car back because of a major illness or something we won’t get sued for the GAP in what they get from the auction and what we owe.

I would contact the original creditor in writing and ask for verification of an amount other than the $4,000. I would also clearly state that you only intend to make payments directly to them, not to any third party, hired by them or not.

I would request a complete mailing address and verification. I would not pay a cent until I got the response. Having it in writing is your only leg to stand on. Send letter with a signature required (the bright pink receipt at the post office).

To my eye it sounds like you are just signing a letter agreeing to the payments…something else they can use against you if you are unable to pay later. But I would check with a lawyer to be sure. I was served a judgement last night at my apartment door. I couldn’t keep up with my credit card payments when my boyfriend moved out over two years ago (he paid the rent and now I do alone). So I signed up with Effective Financial Solutions, and I draft them $200 a month, which supposedly will eventually be enough to offer my creditors a settlement. Well, my payments weren’t consistent and it hasn’t added up much. But EFS has power of attorney.

Anyway, what do I need to worry about? Will they be able to garnish my wages? Will I have to go to court? Should I have declared bankruptcy? (I saw a lawyer about this, he said it would cost $2000, and I declared BR in 1989 so I didn’t want to do it again). Does anyone know what things I should be concerned about?

I would not sign it because that also gives them an opportunity to add another form of information on your credit report if you are late or do not pay as agreed. I would just wait until I could pay a lump sum.

From you description, I believe this is an affidavit of consent of judgment. Basically, by signing it you’re agreeing that you owe the creditor the amount of money in question. With this document, the creditor will not need to pursue a lawsuit to have a judgment entered against you. Two things you might consider doing first (1) seek the advice of an attorney (2) make sure that the creditor does not file the document UNLESS you default.

It will show up as a “public record” if the judgment is entered against you. You can make a payment arrangement before the court date and enter into an agreement with Bally’s lawyer that no judgment would be requested unless you default on the payment arrangement.


Hi, I’ve just been served with court papers saying I am being sued because of a debt I owe to Bally’s. Will a judgement automatically be on my credit report because they are suing me or can I avoid the negative mark by making a payment arrangement before the court date? Let me know if anyone has been through this. Thanks

Call the lawyer who served the papers, for the first time you will probably speak to a sane, level-headed person. Arrange a payment plan with them, but you have to stick to it. If not, they will proceed with the suit and, depending on your state, garnish wages or cease bank accounts.

I too was served. Once you receive the papers, there’s no turning back. Contact the lawyer and make payment arrangements. They will still go with the court though. They will make it official. Saying that if you default on the deal, then they get to sock it to you. As long as you make the payments you will be okay.

Word of advice, stop any auto pays to your account. Leave it open, but get another account at another bank. That way it will be harder to seize assets. I don’t know how much info they obtain on accounts. It’s also advisable to have someone else as the primary account holder where your money is being held. They can’t seize the account if someone else’s name is listed as primary.

Send ALL PAYMENTS BY MONEY ORDER. If you use your debit card, credit card, or checks they get info off them. That way they can charge you without your permission if you default.
Good luck.

In exchange, you could give the creditors attorney an affidavit of confession of judgment; basically eliminates the need for going to court. In most cases where you have an agreement with the attorney to repay the debt, the attorney should refrain from filing the affidavit of confession of judgment (making it public record) unless you were to default on the new repayment agreement. Then, if you were to default, the judgment would be filed and asset seizures, garnishments, etc. could be initiated.

I recieved a letter from Wolpoff and Abramson, with the intent to sue recently. I had my car repossed 4 years ago. I owed $4000.00 and their letter to me requested $9000.00. I sent a certified letter back to them today, stating the orginal amount was only $4000.00 and i will pay back the orginal company only.

Do you think this was okay on my part? How do debt collectors come up with crazt numbers? Can you give me any advice on what i need to do? I called the crediters and set up a payment arangement, they sent me a form to sign and return that is a request to enter consent judgement. Is that the same thing? Should I sign it?

Self bankruptcy?

Good morning all. I have another question….Has anyone ever done a “Do it yourself” bankruptcy? If not, any ideas where I can find someone in northwest Missouri that does it for a reasonable fee? Geesh, if I had 1800.00, I wouldn’t be in this shape.

Is there a law college or school near you? There’s a couple near where I live and they have clinics where people can get legal help and not pay a whole lot. The students are supervised by lawyers (who also teach classes). It’s a way for the students to get experience. Also, look to see if your state has a legal aid group that supplies either free or low cost legal help. Michigan has one and the cost based on your income.

Hi, I’m in NJ, same thing, the cheapest lawyer I found was $1500. If you are very low income you may be eligible for legal aid, or like someone else said, most law school have clinics where you may get help for less money.

As far as ‘self-bankruptcy’ I asked a lawyer I spoke to about that, he said it was VERY difficult now, thanks to the 2006 law (Thank you Mr. Bush), and if you make one mistake, you’re back to the beginning. He did not recommend it.