Month: April 2015


Hi, I’ve just been served with court papers saying I am being sued because of a debt I owe to Bally’s. Will a judgement automatically be on my credit report because they are suing me or can I avoid the negative mark by making a payment arrangement before the court date? Let me know if anyone has been through this. Thanks

Call the lawyer who served the papers, for the first time you will probably speak to a sane, level-headed person. Arrange a payment plan with them, but you have to stick to it. If not, they will proceed with the suit and, depending on your state, garnish wages or cease bank accounts.

I too was served. Once you receive the papers, there’s no turning back. Contact the lawyer and make payment arrangements. They will still go with the court though. They will make it official. Saying that if you default on the deal, then they get to sock it to you. As long as you make the payments you will be okay.

Word of advice, stop any auto pays to your account. Leave it open, but get another account at another bank. That way it will be harder to seize assets. I don’t know how much info they obtain on accounts. It’s also advisable to have someone else as the primary account holder where your money is being held. They can’t seize the account if someone else’s name is listed as primary.

Send ALL PAYMENTS BY MONEY ORDER. If you use your debit card, credit card, or checks they get info off them. That way they can charge you without your permission if you default.
Good luck.

In exchange, you could give the creditors attorney an affidavit of confession of judgment; basically eliminates the need for going to court. In most cases where you have an agreement with the attorney to repay the debt, the attorney should refrain from filing the affidavit of confession of judgment (making it public record) unless you were to default on the new repayment agreement. Then, if you were to default, the judgment would be filed and asset seizures, garnishments, etc. could be initiated.

I recieved a letter from Wolpoff and Abramson, with the intent to sue recently. I had my car repossed 4 years ago. I owed $4000.00 and their letter to me requested $9000.00. I sent a certified letter back to them today, stating the orginal amount was only $4000.00 and i will pay back the orginal company only.

Do you think this was okay on my part? How do debt collectors come up with crazt numbers? Can you give me any advice on what i need to do? I called the crediters and set up a payment arangement, they sent me a form to sign and return that is a request to enter consent judgement. Is that the same thing? Should I sign it?