Month: April 2016

Can anyone answer some questions?

It is 3 years or more after bankruptcy and my credit report needs cleaned up. Can anyone help me?

To begin with, has an experian report and I don’t know how to look at my date of birth, addresses, and employers to see if they are right. How do I see them?

First of all, when you go to you should definitely request PRINTED copies instead of online copies. That gives you a clearer copy and you can look at them it at your leisure. Then, go line by line and make sure EVERYTHING is true and correct. Once you have that, post here and we can help you draft letters to the CRA’s.

I printed the credit reports. But you don’t seem to understand. I printed from www.annualcreditreport and from and they both have different information even though they are the same reports.

Matter of fact, I printed both site’s credit reports on myself before you answered my e-mail. Why doesn’t a credit report list how long I have lived at my current address? Should it? If so, there is no date at all for my current address, just my prior addresses. Also, don’t worry too much about having less than poor credit. If you need cash to cover some bills there are some companies like providing almost guaranteed loan approval even for people with bad credit.

Is it the same companies? I have all three and they all 3, Transunion, Experion, and Equifax have different stuff on them.