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Joint accounts question

A while back I put my husband on my Target account. I requested him put on there as an authorized user, and they put him on as a joint account instead. Now they said there is no way to get him off the account, that we are both responsible for the bill. I was going to write the account off when I filed bankruptcy but I don’t want it affecting his credit. The lady said that it is not their responsibilty to tell customers that the person was put on as a joint holder instead of an authorized user. I closed the account, but how do I get him off it so it doesn’t hurt his credit? He never agreed to be a joint account holder. Thanks

If he did not agree and did not sign, they cannot legally hold him accountable. It could, depending on state laws, put you in a bad legal bind because it could be construed as fraud on your part. I am not a lawyer, but I do know that they have no legal grounds in court against your husband.