Self bankruptcy?

Good morning all. I have another question….Has anyone ever done a “Do it yourself” bankruptcy? If not, any ideas where I can find someone in northwest Missouri that does it for a reasonable fee? Geesh, if I had 1800.00, I wouldn’t be in this shape.

Is there a law college or school near you? There’s a couple near where I live and they have clinics where people can get legal help and not pay a whole lot. The students are supervised by lawyers (who also teach classes). It’s a way for the students to get experience. Also, look to see if your state has a legal aid group that supplies either free or low cost legal help. Michigan has one and the cost based on your income.

Hi, I’m in NJ, same thing, the cheapest lawyer I found was $1500. If you are very low income you may be eligible for legal aid, or like someone else said, most law school have clinics where you may get help for less money.

As far as ‘self-bankruptcy’ I asked a lawyer I spoke to about that, he said it was VERY difficult now, thanks to the 2006 law (Thank you Mr. Bush), and if you make one mistake, you’re back to the beginning. He did not recommend it.